First Communion

Preparation for the Sacrament of First Communion begins in the first grade.  It is structured as a two-year program culminating with the students receiving the Eucharist in May of second grade. Students who are past first grade and have not completed preparation will receive, at their grade level / age level, two years of instructions to receive their first communion. Please note that there may be supplemental classes added to their schedule to cover the sacrament in more depth. Those will be determined by the Director of the Program.

The First Communion program includes preparation for their First Reconciliation, a First Communion Retreat, and Parent Meetings. These are all designed to ensure the child is ready to receive Jesus and understands the great gift we are given in the Eucharist. Parents are also given formation so they can continue the education of their child’s faith at home by leading a life in congruence with the faith their children are being taught. Our hope is to inspire a love of receiving Jesus every week and to continue growing in knowledge and fervor of their faith.